Caring For Your Items 

Washing & Drying 

Wash all clothing items on a low heat and do not tumble dry. Leave to air dry to make sure your beautiful embroidered portrait stay's looking amazing for years! 


Avoid ironing over or too close to the embroidered portrait as high heat can distort the design. 

For Accessories

All accessories should not be washed in the machine and sponged cleaned only or washed with a damp washcloth and left to air dry. 

Why has my item got a faint white square mark around the designs?

Sometimes the embroidery machine leaves a slight mark from where we've made it to order. This comes straight out in the wash.

Although we gently steam everything before it gets to you we don't wash items in our studio in case some customers might have allergies to detergents (like we do!). 

All items are handmade to order by us in our Cambridge studio! If you have any issues you can get straight in contact with us using the below form quoting your order number. 

Love, Lucy & Lola 

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